Many kitchens already contain basil or other cooking herbs, or a strawberry or tomato plant. Did you know that they go very well with a colourful orchid? Take a look!

The chic appearance of orchids also looks great in the workplace. If you have two desks pushed together, a couple of orchids on the dividing line will give a bit more privacy on both sides. And could your lobby do with more allure? Place a couple of orchids in a large decorative pot. They will catch your visitors’ eye the minute they walk in the door!


Quickly buying that present for that particular friend. Of whom you know she will appreciate it if you do not show up with something of which there are dozens like it. Voilà: Friendship!

An orchid cheers up any room. How about the bedroom? Could it use a bit of colour? Place one on each bedside cabinet. It changes the look straightaway, don’t you think? Orchids also prefer the bedroom: the temperature is usually a little cooler.



You may not have thought of it, but why shouldn’t you have an orchid in the bathroom? There will certainly be no problem with the humidity: it’s similar to the jungle where the orchid originates. Put one next to the bath, or on the window sill. It lends instant luxury to an ordinary bathroom.

An orchid is already a magnificent plant in its own right. But a good vase for the flowers or a pot for the plants lends the perfect finishing touch. And do you know what the latest trend in interior design is? A couple of different vases or pots together! The variety lends a highly decorative effect. An orchid also looks very good in a large, tall pot. Again try putting a couple of pots together. Or decorate a pot with an ornamental trunk and a couple of stones. Magnificent!


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