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At Ammerlaan Orchids we are good at cultivating the most beautiful orchids. To bring the orchids professionally in the market place is again another job, that of exporters and traders. 
To be successful, we choose therefore for partnership. Partnership based on commitment, customer-specific and no nonsense: just the three core values that you can find anywhere.
Together with our partners we stand close to the consumer. A consumer that we don't just want to sell a plant, but especially Happiness.

Those moments of happiness are always there and everywhere:
It's not just a plant, it's a personal gift ...
It's not just a plant, it's close friendship ...
It's not just a plant, it's pure serenity ...
It's not just a plant, it's a piece of art!      



One company, two sites

The cultivation of Phalaenopsis has evolved considerably in recent years. There has been a rapid stream of innovations, particularly in terms of technical equipment. Ammerlaan Orchideeën has led and continues to lead the field in the use of innovative equipment and advanced systems. As a result, the climatic conditions can be optimised for Phalaenopis during both cultivation and preparation for sale. Those ideal conditions form the basis for a top quality product. Investing in modern technology and techniques also gives enhanced efficiency. The saving on labour costs results in a reduced cost price. Ammerlaan Orchideeën has two sites: in De Lier (cultivation) and in Schipluiden (preparation for sale).

De Lier: Ammerlaan Orchideeën’s base

The site in De Lier covers 14,000 m2. The site is completely set up for the efficient potting and delivery of cuttings. The preparation for sale phase is reached after twenty weeks. The plants are then moved to the site in Schipluiden. Ammerlaan Orchideeën has its own transport system for shipping between the sites: a shipping frame which can carry six roll cages at a time. This shipping frame then fits into a specially adapted truck. The system works efficiently and saves a lot of labour.

Schipluiden: new-build for a blooming future

In autumn 2007 Ammerlaan Orchideeën opened the newly built site for the preparation of pot orchids for sale in 12 cm pots. The site covers 25,000 m2 and is equipped with the latest technology, systems and equipment. The twenty week old plants from De Lier are spaced out immediately after shipping. A pot orchid with more space can grow into a high quality plant. During this phase the plants are also sorted by size. This way of working not only helps cut down on labour needs, but also helps ensure uniform growth.

During the cultivation phase the plants develop into an optimum end-product. The site in Schipluiden has an advanced delivery system for sorting, collecting and preparing the orders for shipping. This new system allows Ammerlaan Orchideeën to gain various benefits: reduced labour needs, quality enhancement and reducing the response time for orders. The working conditions on the site are optimum. The necessary ‘staking’ of the plants is now also a labour-friendly process. Cameras sort staked plants which are ready for delivery by the number of branches, buds and flowers, the colour and the length of the flower-bearing stems. The use of the cup and vase system means that plants need to be picked up less often. This minimises the risk of any damage.

Piet en Truus Ammerlaan aan de rozenmachine Langs het tuinpad van mijn vader .. Oude rozenkas Het eerste ketelhuis


Half a century of experience in horticulture

In 1958 Piet Ammerlaan, father of Robert and Peter, started a market garden in Schipluiden. In the first years the business focused on growing cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce - popular crops at the time. Slowly but surely the company shifted to floriculture, specialising in roses. It was Robert Ammerlaan who, as an enthusiast, started cautiously experimenting with pot orchids. Those first trials were successful. Ammerlaan was one of the first companies in the Westland region to switch completely to pot orchids. The switch was a success. The change of name to Ammerlaan Orchideeën was a logical consequence. In order to gain a greater grip on the chain, a second site was opened in De Lier, offering Ammerlaan Orchideeën space to specialise further in the cultivation and preparation of the plants for sale.

A look inside the company

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